A spiritual awakening can be experienced in different ways and mean different things to different people.

For some, it’s religious based. For others, it’s simply a different kind of awareness, so let’s look at how these options compare.

Some people begin with a desire to have a deeper connection to God or a Higher Power.
Many people seek a Higher Power as they become aware that they’re not completely fulfilled.

They may start to feel empty and feel a strong need for spiritual accompaniment on life’s journey.

Some people think of this as an awareness that they were created by a Greater Being and they feel stronger and more peaceful once they feel a connection to that Higher Being…what you might call God, All That Is, Infinite Intelligence, etc.

It helps them be able to handle stress better and they believe that there is a Higher Power that they can turn to with life’s frustrations and problems.

Another type of awakening is to experience an awareness of intellectual growth.
This awareness can be sudden or gradual.

It’s an experience where a person grows in wisdom as if their eyes are opened when they weren’t before.

When you have this type of spiritual awakening, it makes you more aware of growing and transforming your life into something that makes you feel as if you’re living out your purpose.

When you experience the awakening, it feels like you have a different type of energy vibrating through you and filling your body.

You feel connected between your body, mind and soul.

This allows you to obtain a higher degree of consciousness.

When you experience a mind awakening – which is basically the same as an intellectual growth type of awakening – you see things differently, more clearly than you have before.

It’s as if you suddenly gained wisdom that you didn’t have previously.

When this occurs, you’ll not only look at yourself through new eyes, but also the people and the world around you as well.

A mind awakening stretches the boundaries of your mental state and enlarges your ability to understand your existence.

It’s like you were seeing and understanding through a cloud before and now all of a sudden, that cloud is gone and everything is sharp.

You’ll be able to view your life in a way that’s objective so you can see deeper into it.

You understand what’s real and lasting and has purpose and what doesn’t.

You’ll find it easier to disengage from things that don’t have any permanent value in the world.

This type of spiritual awakening allows you to be more mindful than ever before.

You’ll be able to be fully present in your life and live in each moment.

Your life becomes richer and deeper and more meaningful.

One type of spiritual awakening that a person can go through is known as an internal self awakening.
Most people believe this has to do with who you are at your core.

This type of awakening can change you as a person.

It makes you behave differently and it’s almost as if you’ve become a completely new person.

You desire a wholeness within yourself and you seek complete authenticity in every area of your life – from yourself, from your relationships and in your career.

This type of awakening makes you reject anything that doesn’t ring true and doesn’t help you grow as an individual.

When you experience it, you become more tolerant and more loving toward yourself and others.

You may also go through a spiritual awakening that has to do with your Soul.
This isn’t to be confused with an awakening as in acknowledging a Higher Power.

This is a sudden craving for spiritual connections.

Instead of seeing yourself as just a person, you begin to see yourself as someone who has spirituality.

This awakening makes what you experience in life change your consciousness.

Your sense of energy and your awareness of who you are will grow.

You’ll be able to feel a stronger link between yourself and what’s true to you spiritually.

Your mind and Soul will be more in tune with nature and you’ll begin a path of purpose that will lead you toward a deeper evolution of who you are.

Finally, there is an awakening that’s linked with different beliefs in the consciousness.
You’ll find this within certain yoga practices, in Buddhism and in Zen practices.

This type of awakening also gives you a deeper level of consciousness – which is often referred to as enlightenment.

Plus, you’ll develop a new connection that allows you to feel completely true to yourself.

Not only will you feel one with yourself, but with the world as well.

You’ll feel a new freedom from constraints within yourself and a true awareness that will allow you to feel the light within yourself.

When you experience this kind of spiritual awakening, you experience all of life in harmony.

Because there are different types of spiritual awakenings, your path to it might not look like what someone else experiences…The key is to go with what works for you and remain true to yourself.

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