Law of Attraction CoachYou have probably heard by now the power that gratitude has over your life, but you may not fully understand it yet. What does it really mean to be grateful? What is the power behind it? Before you try to grasp the absolute power of gratitude and what it is, it’s important to understand what it’s not.

What Gratitude Isn’t

If you think that false gratitude is the way to getting what you want, you couldn’t be further away from the truth. False gratitude does not manifest your dreams, it confuses them. What does it mean to have false gratitude?

False gratitude happens when you walk around pretending to be grateful when your underlying subconscious mind is seething, bitter or still angry. A perfect example is feigning happiness for an ex who is getting remarried or for a co-worker who got the promotion you were wishing for. Rather than take out your frustrations and send negative energy anyone’s else’s way, take a moment to recreate the negative vibe.

When you recreate the negative vibe, you attract more positivity toward you. It’s perfectly fine to be disappointed, remorseful and even a little jealous, but don’t stay there with those negative emotions too long.

Where Does Gratitude Show Up

When you are pretending to be grateful without recreating the negative emotion underneath it, your body won’t be fooled. Your body will store those negative emotions and have them show up in disease.

If you are holding back from expressing yourself, it could show up as a sore throat. If you are bitter, it could show up in stomach issues.

How to Use the Power of Gratitude

When you learn to practice gratitude on a genuine level, that’s when the magic of manifesting really shows up. The key word is genuine. Get in touch with something you are grateful for. It could be an incident from many years ago, it could be the rain. Whatever it is, find your true, authentic feelings of gratitude.

Focus on those feelings. Close your eyes and visualize why you are grateful. If you are grateful for the rain, why are you grateful? Picture the grass grower greener, visualize the flowers blooming. Picture drinking water on a hot and humid day.

Once you begin to focus on why you are grateful and expand that feeling, you will notice that you are more aware of what you are grateful for in other experiences, as well. It takes some practice.

You are starting a new habit and new habits take time to form and practice

Next, try to find gratitude in a situation that is seemingly negative. For example, if you have a parent who asks too many questions, could you recreate that into being grateful for a parent who really does care about you very much.

While the behavior might be annoying the underlying message is one of unconditional love.

Once you open yourself up to the power of gratitude, you create endless possibilities.

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