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Compiled by Patricia Crane, Ph.D. and Rick Nichols – Featuring Eva Gregory

Inspirational stories of personal transformation, healing and growth.

Wisdom is knowledge with experience which has been distilled through the heart over time. To know about something is merely to be aware of its existence. To experience that something is to become personally intimate with it. Allowing that intimate knowledge to distill through the heart over time will extract the impurities of anger, fear, guilt, blame and prejudice. This process produces crystal clear drops of pure Spirit filled with the qualities of compassion, understanding and acceptance. The authors in this anthology have undergone such as process and bravely share their intimate drops of Spirit with you in the form of these Pearls of Wisdom.

At some point in our lives, each of us will be in the place where we seem to be standing alone with nothing but our faith and inner strength to see us through. What a frightening, yet magical place this can be, a place where we can learn about ourselves and the amazing powers we all possess to see us through the darkest night.

In this anthology, you will read stories about healings of body, mind, spirit, relationship and financial challenge. Some of these healings came painfully, others in a pleasant sort of way, and still others on a wave of laughter. As you will soon discover, whatever way we become awakened in our own ‘dark woods’, the operative word is awakened, and that is ultimately good.

So what is it that moves our storytellers to expose their wounds and their scars? Why would they reveal in intimate detail, their fears, their pain, their failures and their losses? For most, the strongest motivation is bridge building. Through sharing their stories they are in effect, building bridges to help others span the tide. The stories in this anthology are rich in many ways and are sure to touch a healing cord in anybody who reads them.

$14.95 US