The Feel Good Guide To Prosperity 

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Have you longed for, dreamed of, or wished for more prosperity in your life? Maybe you’ve wanted more money, new clients or better health. Or, perhaps you’ve been looking for that perfect partner or more fulfilling relationships.

Regardless of the nature of your search, it all comes down to wanting to have a more joyful life experience. We call that experience prosperity.

Prosperity isn’t something that’s available to just a few people. It’s available to everyone and it’s available right now. As Eva clearly shows in her book, anyone, regardless of his or her current situation, can practice these principles and become more prosperous.

The principles Eva writes about aren’t new. But she writes about them in a way that is clear, fun, and accessible to anyone. Eva clearly articulates just how you can:

  • Apply the three most powerful Laws in the Universe
  • Stop getting what you don’t want and start getting what you do want
  • Become a filter for clarifying what you want
  • Attract your ideal partner
  • Increase prosperity in every area of your life
  • Develop an attractive attitude
  • Develop a magnetic lifestyle
  • And much more…

In The Feel Good Guide to Prosperity, you will be shown simple explanations and numerous examples of exactly how you can apply these principles in your own life, regardless of your current situation!

Jack Canfield“What intrigued me the most about The Feel Good Guide to Prosperity is how Eva weaves together inspirational stories, coaching, and foundational information. It’s not so much of a “how to” book, as it is a book whose purpose is to excite the reader into actions that literally, and unequivocally change the reader’s life.”– Jack Canfield, featured teacher on the blockbuster DVD The Secret co-creator of the NY Times #1 best-selling series, Chicken Soup for the Soul®

Bob Proctor“A great book contains a magic ingredient; it connects with something inside of you that changes your life … it makes you want to stretch – go after bigger goals, become a more effective person. Eva’s book has affected me that way and I’m sure it will with you. She explains prosperity through the Law of Attraction in a beautiful manner. Every now and then, I am asked what is one of the most important books I have ever read – this is being added to my list.”– Bob Proctor, featured teacher on the blockbuster DVD and book The Secret author of best-selling book You Were Born Rich

Hale Dwoskin“Eva Gregory has succeeded in demonstrating how we can truly take control of our own prosperity and experiences of life. Written with lightness, simplicity and enthusiasm, The Feel Good Guide to Prosperity is a valuable tool to help make our journey to prosperity be a rich and rewarding experience. It paves the way for positive inner change that results in positive outer experiences”Hale Dwoskin,featured teacher on the blockbuster DVD and book The Secret author of the New York Times Best Seller The Sedona Method: Your Key to Lasting Happiness, Success, Peace and Emotional Well-Being

David Dibble“Finally! Someone has finally made the connection between how we feel and prosperity. Finally! Someone has clearly articulated how we can harness the power of the Law of Attraction to pull prosperity into our lives. Importantly, Eva Gregory has expanded “prosperity” to include a richness in life that makes financial independence a meaningful and joyous experience. I tore through the book with a big smile on my face.
A real gem, Eva.”– David Dibble, Author of The New Agreements in the Workplace – Releasing the Human Spirit

$19.95 US