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Having Eva as my coach has been an investment in my business that has paid me back over and over. If I could describe how it is to work with Eva, it would be this - CLARITY. With clarity of purpose things fall into place. Things that take a long time and a great commitment get done. Things develop in a way that is like an unfolding instead of being forced. I'm not alone in my experience as a client of Eva's. She's more than just a Coach, Teacher, Marketing Expert and Visionary. Eva helps us create a Legacy.

Selah Cambias, Award-Winning Author 
and B-School Alumni

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What Others Are Saying:

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    Emily Webber

    "I was starting a brand new business and I knew the energy piece - aligning my energy - along with the nuts and bolts of the how-to stuff of growing a business was very important to me. I was not going into another coaching program that only taught the nuts and bolts. In 2 months I got a brand new website up and started a facebook fan page...I went from 0 to 1900 likes (and still counting!) I made things happen fast - and I'd sometimes say, 'I just don't need the nuts and bolts today. I need to get my energy aligned.' Getting my energy aligned enabled me to move forward in leaps and bounds! For me, the energy part, the spirituality of who I am and what I do had to be as important as the 'how to do it'. So if you have an opportunity to work with Eva, I'd say absolutely DO IT!" 

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    Maria Lesetz

    "This year has been my best year yet in my business! I more than doubled how many clients I have, I increased my coaching fees and had new clients signing up for my new 6-month package in an easy breezy fashion. And I attribute my success to Eva's coaching & especially implementing her Spirit Enriched Breakthrough Sessions approach to attracting more clients as well as her Spiritual approach to connecting with my ideal clients - LOVE her guided meditations!! It was the best investment I have ever made in a coaching program and a coach. This was the first time my investment in a coach and or coaching program helped me significantly grow my business. (And I have worked with quite a few coaches!) Abundant gratitude in my heart for you, Eva! Thank you!"

  • Susan Sinclair

    "My work with Eva, both one-on-one and in her group programs, has been the #1 reason my spiritual livelihood moved beyond being "just a dream" into a growing, empowered energy healing practice that has helped more than 180 people in just two years, clearing their energetic interference so they could break out of old patterns and start living the lives they came here to live! With Eva's help, I built a website from scratch that continues to draw subscribers and clients, and I learned effective ways to follow up my live events to build my email list and attract clients I loved to work with. The Spirit-Enriched Breakthrough Sessions were truly the key to client manifestation. At first, when I did live events, I would have perhaps one or two people start working with me afterwards. But once I began inviting people into Breakthrough Sessions after events, my results skyrocketed. In the live events I've led since I started doing Breakthrough Sessions, I've had about 85-90% of attendees request a Breakthrough, and from the sessions, more than 80% have become clients! That was a real Breakthrough for ME! I truly love my work and the people I work with, and because of the spiritual guidance and practical tools Eva has shared with me, I can look forward to a business that continues to thrive and create even greater transformations for my clients and myself. Thank you, Eva!"

Free Massive Success Breakthrough Session
($600 Value)

  • Eva here.
  • I'm going to be straight up with you here. If you're a spiritual entrepreneur - coach, healer or holistic practitioner who's passion is making a positive impact in the world...and being successful...I already know you're a rockstar and someone I'd like to work with.
  • But first, I'd love to offer you a complimentary Massive Success Business Breakthrough session with either me or one of my master Success coaches and then we can see if you feel the same way. No strings attached. 
  • Instead, what we WILL do is offer you an extremely valuable Breakthrough Session and help you create a strategic plan to set you up to win in your business!
  • At the end of this initial planning session, one of these two things will happen:
  • A. You will love the plan and decide to implement it on your own.
  • B. You will love the plan and ask to explore ways we can work together that are right for you so I can personally help you execute, maximize and profit from it right away.
  • If that's the case, I'll help you knock it out of the park...that's a promise! 
  • Here's what you'll get out of your session: 
  1. We'll start by getting you crystal clear on your goals and vision for your business. We'll take a look at what you've got, what you're doing and what you want to achieve moving forward.
  2. We'll dive in to pinpoint your most valuable market segments, services and product offerings, as well as identify the low-hanging fruit that could really turn your revenue around FAST.
  3. We'll uncover any challenges or limiting beliefs that could be slowing you down or sabotaging your efforts.
  4. You'll leave the session with more energy, inspiration and motivation to really make this happen. 
  • There is no charge for this and no strings attached!
  • I’ve had clients who’ve increased their business by 200%, tripled their income, broken through the 6-figure income mark and gotten 30 new clients within two months.
  • And we can do the same for you starting with this free session with one of my master coaches. In fact, you’ll see the value by the time you hang up the phone – without ever spending a dime. 
  • And look. If you don’t want to become a client, don’t worry about it. I honestly don’t mind one way or another. You won’t get any sales pitch or pressure of any kind, ever.
  • You can take the plan and implement it yourself, or you can walk away from it entirely.
  • And I’m happy to put it on the line like this because I know that if you spend time together with one of my coaches, you’re going to get a ton of value.
  • My strategies work and I know that if we work together, you’ll create massive success in your business.
  • Consider this:
  • I’ve shown 1,000s of people how to use Law of Attraction and their own Inner Guidance along with proven practical aspects of business to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • I’ve worked with top thought leaders in coaching as well as in the  personal development industry.
  • As you might imagine, I get quite a lot of interest in these breakthrough sessions. We can only do so many, so we have set aside a block of time to do a few of these over the next two weeks. 

    If you've read this far and you'd like to talk about getting you massive results in your heart-centered business, then we're more than happy to set aside one of those sessions for you. 
  • This is where we really begin working to figure out exactly what you want in your business... and how to make it happen.
  • If you see the value in becoming a high-level client, great! We can talk about it.
  • And if you don't want to become a client - that's okay, too.
  • We'll all part as friends and you will leave feeling great from the knowledge and experience you'll be learning. 
  • So you literally can't lose. 
  • This opportunity is extremely limited simply because of the intense one-on-one time needed to provide you with applicable results.
  • Therefore, it is physically impossible for us to work with more than a handful of people. 
  • So with that said, know that the window of opportunity won't be open long. 
  • If you're ready to schedule a session, click on the big yellow bar located at the top and the bottom of this page to schedule a free session!
  • My team and I look forward to serving you and supporting you in growing a heart-centered business of purpose, passion and prosperity!

About Eva


Eva Gregory is living her purpose and passion by teaching heart-centered entrepreneurs how to tap into their own Divine Guidance and merge their spirituality with the practicality of building healthy, sustainable businesses of purpose, passion and prosperity.

She loves helping the change-agents of the world have a greater impact, because she believes this is the fastest way to make the planet a better place. Professional coaches, speakers, authors, trainers, and healers who help individuals develop, evolve and transform have raved about Eva's work for years.

It’s the combination of practical, step-by-step business training and intuitive, spiritual awareness that paves the path to prosperity faster and more easily than clients can achieve on their own, that sets Eva apart from other mentors.

And she is crystal clear about helping people find their OWN way of doing things, because so many of her clients "live outside the box". When they work with Eva - they get to create what works for them, which gives them better results!

Named International Coach of the Year in 2006, Eva brings diverse life and career experience to her service to clients around the world.

Eva has earned recognition as a master coach, Law of Attraction expert, conscious channel, industry leader and author of The Feel Good Guide To Prosperity and Life’s Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction: 7  Essential Ingredients to Living a Prosperous Life  co-authored with Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Jeanna Gabellini.

She has shared the virtual stage with luminaries including Neale Donald Walsch, John Assaraf, Cynthia Kersey, and Mary Morrissey.

Eva won the Law of Attraction Leaders Award for Best LOA Coach in 2013 and 2014, was named one of the Top 100 Women In Ecommerce in 2012, and won the ICF Award for the San Francisco Bay Area Coaches Conference in 2001.

Eva’s greatest satisfaction, though, comes from guiding thousands of clients worldwide to tap into their Divine Guidance along with proven practical strategies for achieving results in their lives and businesses that were beyond their reach before they shifted their thinking in new and positive ways through her coaching, training, and programs.


              FREE Breakthrough Session!  

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